01/17/2016 – Council Corner

01/17/2016 – Council Corner

Welcome to the first installment of a note from your Congregation Council in an attempt to develop better communication between the Congregation and Council.

I can’t guaranty we’ll have anything interesting to say each week, but we will try to share information from Council on a regular basis that may be of interest or could impact the congregation. We’re working on making it easier for the Congregation to share information with the Council too. More on this to follow soon. For now, you are always welcome to approach me, any Council member, or the pastors with any questions or feed- back.

Last week we had a very well attended “Town Hall” style of meeting after worship. More than 100 folks participated. Thanks to everyone who made time to come and share your thoughts. We clearly have a large committed passionate group of congregation members. Not everything shared was easy to say or easy to hear. It was an open honest exchange of information that will serve Trinity well if we work together to build constructively on the dialog we have started.

As was pointed out at that meeting, our Council Vice President, Tony Miles, resigned as Vice President due to time constraints, but remains a Council member. Tony is a school principal, scout leader, father, navy reservist, husband, and an active member here at TLC (I’m not sure what he does with all of his spare time!). I’m very grateful for the work he has done as Council VP over the past 7 months and appreciate his continued service on Council. We are working to fill this vacancy.

That is all for now. Thank you for your faithfulness to our calling as brothers and sisters in Christ, and God’s blessings to us all!

Mike Haas
TLC Council President

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