March 2016 Pastors Letter

March 2016 Pastors Letter

You are the Christ. Matthew 16:13

We know these words from the story on the occasion when Jesus asked his disciples who they thought he (Jesus) might be. And Peter piped in with this most brilliant confession. It is amazing that on these four little words, a whole Christian church on earth and throughout the ages has been built!

It is this same confession that forms us as a congregation–Trinity’s body of believers–nothing more and nothing less. By this confession we are driven to faith, held accountable to the Scriptures, and mobilized for mission.

During this holy season of Lent, our God gives us opportunity again to take a close look at His beloved Son, and see his journey again throughout Galilee and Judea and into Jerusalem. A journey that leads to immense suffering, and yet, as we have come to believe and confess, accomplishes nothing less than our salvation.

How can that be? That one man’s suffering and death means life for the world? It is because this one man Jesus IS the Christ, the Son of the Living God.

Peter is right in his confession. And so are we. Jesus is the Christ. And with this confession, heaven comes down and fills us with all hope in believing.

Let it (this confession) be then, indubitably on our lips!
-Pastor Ruth