2015 January – Fellowship News

2015 January – Fellowship News


Happy Lunch Bunch

Everyone available for a daytime fellowship is invited to our Happy Lunch Bunch January potluck on January 20 at noon. First timers come as guests and others bring one item to complete the meal. We will enjoy eating good hot turkey soup made by Sue Pechacek. Our special speaker will be Bill Miller from LERC. LERC is connected with The Lions program that collects used eye glasses. He will tell us how these useless glasses are turned in gifts of sight for people around the world. If you have any old eyeglasses stuffed in a drawer someplace, bring them to our luncheon.

Trip for Fun

Our January TFF will go to the Mochitsuki Japanese New Year Celebration at the Portland State University Student Union building on Sunday, January 25. This annual event is sponsored by the Japanese/American society.  There will be a Japanese food court, arts and crafts demonstrations, tea ceremony etc. There will be stage performances of Taiko drummers, folk dances etc. We will leave after church, at noon. For a seat on the church van add your name to the sheet on the sign up board.

TLC Book Club

The Trinity Book Club meets on the 4th Tuesday of the month, January 27, at 7 pm. Anyone interested in reading books and then sharing conversation about them would enjoy this congenial small group of men and women. Come and see.

January Companions All

The small group dinners in homes called Companions All meet the weekend of January 10 (or whatever date the host home chooses.) People sign up for these dinners in the fall, but each dinner invites one extra couple so some others may be included. Host homes for the January dinners are: Jim/Sande Spence, Bob/Donna Ellingwood, Ginni Christensen/Solway Mickelson, Jerry/Barbara Clark, Duane/Peggy Lansverk.

FRIENDSHIP – A friend loves at all times, and brothers are born to share adversity. –  Proverbs 17:17