2015 March – TLC News

2015 March – TLC News

2015 March Tidings

March 2015 Tidings VOLUME 55 NUMBER 3



Who Says So?

Written by Pastor Ruth Larson

Conversations around our table can turn into silly arguments so quickly. (I won’t name names here. :-)) One child will claim a fact he/she found out today. Another child will counter that fact with knowledge he/she has always known to be true. The third and fourth child add their two cents based on their sources of knowledge, and wham–it is an all out argument about the truth of something so silly, like, is coffee good for you, or not?

It used to be that credible information, news, advice had to be published. We could claim that it must be reliable because it was in writing. But these days, everyone and anyone can start a blog or “publish” their views as if they are credible on their own authority. In this age of information, we can get information so easily, but we certainly cannot ascertain its reliability that easily. That so and so “sounds like he’s got authority” doesn’t cut it.

Who says so? Whose words can we believe? During these days of Lent, I invite you, if you haven’t already, to surf your Bibles and read what God, the Lord, the Creator of Heaven and Earth has to say…about you and about your world. He is the credible one, the reliable source and His words mean life for you and for your world. In His words, you will find the true story of a huge Creator who became a human in order to redeem all humanity.
God says so! I’ll take my scriptures as the most reliable source on earth, and I’ll take a cup of coffee to go with it!

-Pastor Ruth

Look for Lenten Devotionals in the Narthex written by several Trinity members in celebration of our 75th Anniversary.

Celebrating our 75th Anniversary with Easter Eggstravaganza “on steroids”!

Saturday April 4

10:00 am Egg Hunt (One year old – 5th grade)
10:30 am Psycho Easter Bunny Egg Hunt (6th – 12th grade)
**Crafts and games for all ages
11:30-1:00 pm Free Lunch and coffee and a concert in
the Narthex (featuring Doug & Judy Smith and more)
**Raffle prizes
Note: We are as a congregation inviting our closest neighbors surrounding Trinity, hoping to get to know them and they us. Don’t miss out on this fun day! And we need your help! (contact the office)

Easter Morning (April 5)

8:30 am Worship
9:00 – 11:00 am Easter Breakfast
10:30 am Worship
**Sign-up sheet will come around for Easter Breakfast casseroles as well as for servers (two shifts).

Special 75th Anniversary Spring Plans

In 1940, a few neighbors were invited to help start a Lutheran Church. In April of this year, 75 years later, that same church now named Trinity Lutheran Church will invite a few neighbors living near our church building to visit us and hopefully find a welcoming church home.

The Plan: An invitation will be mailed to many families in Zip Codes 98660 and 98663 who live all around our church building. We will ask them to help us celebrate our 75th Birthday by attending an Easter Service on April 5 And (if they have children) by attending a neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt for children and for teenagers on the morning of April 4 And by attending our Birthday Party at noon on April 4 with food and a special concert by “3 Together” Doug and Judy Smith with Don Mitchell.

How You can Help Us!
1. Every one can pray that many in Zip Codes 98660 and 98663 will feel the call to visit our church.
2. We will be contacting every church member who lives in the two zip codes to see if they can help us by personally handing out invitations to about 10 of their neighbors. Our goal is to have at least 75 invitations handed out in this way.
3. We will ask a few church members from other zip codes who might help pass out invitations in the two zip code areas.
4. Anyone in our church family is encouraged to pick up an invitation to give out to a neighbor.
5. We will need volunteers to help prepare the large mailing.
6. We will need many volunteers to help with the April 4 Easter Egg/crafts events and details for the Birthday Party events.
7. We need everyone to mark your calendars. We know you will be here on Easter Sunday April 5. And we know some will be helping at the Saturday events. But we hope all will attend the Birthday Party/Concert so you can give a warm welcome to guests who will be attending from the neighborhood.

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March Birthdays

Celebrate Your Birthday with your Trinity Family!

Please sign up for a coffee hour after the Sunday Worship service during your birthday month. The sign up sheet is posted near the Chapel in the Narthex. If you have questions, Carol Jensen at 256-3496.

If you would like to be added to the Birthday List or if there needs to be a correction to your date of birth, please contact the church office at 695-1221. Thank you.

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