2016 May Health News

2016 May Health News

Wellness Corner by Marilyn Johnson

Noise and Hearing Loss


Exposure to loud sounds may cause permanent physical damage to your hearing, just like heat causes a burn or a sharp object causes a cut ..You can’t see or feel the damage from noise, but it can be measured on hearing tests…. Inside our inner ear are thousands of tiny hair cells that send signals to the brain….If you walk across them too much or stomp on them too hard, they will eventually bend, break and die out.



If you have to shout to be heard from 3 feet away, then the noise is too loud. Turn down the volume or wear hearing protection!


E = Earplugs/Earmuffs…

A = Avoid Loud Sounds….

R = Reduce the Volume…

S = Shorten the Time in Noise.

Noise levels of some toys and children’s activities are loud enough to cause permanent hearing loss. Noise can damage hearing with long term exposure to sound levels at or above 85 dBA SPL (typical lawnmower loudness). Even brief exposure to very loud sounds can result in permanent hearing loss. You should be concerned if your child is exposed to loud noises from: Toys, Personal Stereos, Sporting Events, Band Class, Motorbikes, Farm Equipment, Movie Theaters, Shop Class, Arcades, Concerts, Firearms, Firecrackers, Jobs, Power Tools, etc.

If concerned consult with your child’s school. Hearing is important to the development of speech, listening, learning and social skills.

Source: NHCA  www.hearingconservation.org

National Drug Take Back Day

Saturday – April 30, 2016 from 10 am to 2 pm

Do you have prescription drugs that you are no longer taking?

Peace Health Alert has 3 sites to take back drugs on 4/30/16

  • Memorial Campus Peace Health 100 East 33rd Street
  • Kaiser Permanente Salmon Creek 14406 NE 20th Avenue
  • Kaiser Permanente Cascade Park 12607 SE Mill Plain Blvd.

Sponsors are the Vancouver Police Dept. & Clark County Sheriff’s Office


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