A Great Ministry Comes to an End

A Great Ministry Comes to an End

In 1999, Trinity began its ministry to children of low-income families in an outlying area of La Paz, Mexico. (For details, see the hallway bulletin board posting.) The intent was to join a collaborative effort by a local Catholic Church, a Catholic Church in Italy and local interests to provide children in the neighborhood of Marquez de Leon with a substantial meal to begin their school day. It was very successful!

In 1993, a four-member team of Trinity members spent time in La Paz to observe the benefits of this ministry. With the passage of time, however, came positive changes.

One, local interests increased their support.

Two, a foundation (Children of La Paz–FANLAP, for short) was established and constructed a community center in the adjacent neighborhood. FANLAP has provided a number of benefits to the local families, including a lunch program for the children, medical and other services, and a scholarship program enabling children to attend public schools beyond the obligatory sixth-grade education. Today, some of those children are graduating from college!

Lastly, the number of children attending the breakfast in Marquez de Leon has dwindled, local interests are better able to provide support, while attendance at the Foundation’s lunch program has increased. Consequently, Trinity’s local representatives in La Paz, who were instrumental in founding FANLAP, recommended that Trinity ceases direct support of the breakfast program and transfer any remaining funds directly to FANLAP for its food assistance program.

That recommendation has been approved by Trinity; consequently, Trinity’s special fund for the breakfast program will cease to exist as of June 30, 2016. Trinity members wishing to donate to FANLAPS’ scholarship program can continue to do so on their own but Trinity will no longer conduct an annual scholarship drive.

So it is that nearly 20 years of ministry to needy children and their families is coming to a good close as local interests carry on. Thanks to all who have supported Trinity’s ministry through the years. You can continue to keep up with happenings there through FANLAPS’ website www.lapazninos.org


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