A Special Thanksgiving Worship

A Special Thanksgiving Worship

On November 13, a most noteworthy event took place in Trinity’s Stolee Hall. It was a special celebration held by the Burmese Christian congregation which meets weekly at Trinity. Six TLC members attended, and were privileged to witness a large group of men, women and children:

Thanking God for the bounty of food which sustains them;
Singing God’s praises as a congregation and also by a mixed choir, most of which were clad in colorful traditional dress;
Hearing God’s Word from a gifted preacher;
and Celebrating the completion of training for three new pastors (two men and a woman).

The event concluded with a feast of epic quantities and variety of traditional Burmese food, of which we TLC members were invited to partake!

In perspective, we were blessed not only by the congregation’s hospitality but also by its devotion to the same God we worship; their thankfulness for his protection in bringing them to our country while, at the same time, they asked His continued protection for family members still remaining in difficult and dangerous situations in their homeland.

Please pray for these fellow Christians as they faithfully spread the Good News of Jesus Christ in our Vancouver community.

Jack and Marilyn Johnson


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