All Saints Sunday

All Saints Sunday

Come worship with the Saints on All Saints Sunday, November 6!

No, we are not boasting. We are claiming the promise that all who believe in Jesus and cling to his merits alone for salvation are declared saints (elect or chosen ones by God’s forgiveness; grace alone, faith alone, word alone).

On this specially appointed day in the church year, we give thanks for all vocations of saints among us in our understanding of the priest- hood of all believers in the body of Christ. We have been blessed to live for the glory of God our Savior and make known his gospel. We also will give thanks for all those followers of our Lord Jesus who have died in the faith and dwell in God’s eternal promises forever.

Come and join us for this festival worship at 10:30 am on Sunday, November 6, to commemorate saints in light who have gone before us and fashioned our faith. Come and celebrate the pre- sent day lives we live in the name of the three-in-one God who has made us part of this body that is beyond time and space, the church of all ages, from beginning and to the end of all days when our Lord shall return.


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