Building the Body

Building the Body

Our Church’s theme is: BUILDING THE BODY

Is BUILDING THE BODY the same as body building? Body building usually means working out to make your body more fit. BUILDING THE BODY means to make us all stronger as a congregation. Body building is a personal goal whereas BUILDING THE BODY is a community goal to make our congregation stronger. If we are a strong congregation aren’t we more fit to do God’s work?

A congregation is like a family. We are all God’s children. We have Pastors and leaders like parents who show us the way. We have children among us who are just starting their faith walk. We have those among us who are grandmas and grandpas who are well along in their faith walk. We all have different personalities, abilities, and potentials. Just like a family we are all needed by each other. We each have something to contribute. To make a stronger congregation we need to exercise our faith for our church family. We need each other’s support to become stronger as a BODY.

When we exercise our faith we grow as a congregation and we become more fit as a congregation. We exercise our faith in many ways. We lift each other up in prayer. We commune together. We comfort each other in times of trial. We celebrate with each other. We worship together on Sunday morning. We share our faith with each other in Bible studies. We work together in small groups. We share our talents with each other. We share our offerings with the church. We have coffee in the narthex and spend time getting to know each other better. Everything we do for each other and for the church is exercising our faith.

Our theme this year is BUILDING THE BODY. We all need to be fit to do God’s work and the best way to do that is to exercise our faith.



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