Building Up the Body

Building Up the Body

. . . to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for the building up of the body of ChristEphesians 4:12


The gift of the Spirit-filled Church of Jesus is building up the Body. The gifts we have been given from God are given for that one purpose according to the Apostle Paul—to build up the body (Ephesians 4:11-12). Of course, not for inward purposes (Luther’s definition of sin—turned in on self) but for serving the world with the Gospel.

pl_112016_01At a recent staff meeting, we did a teamwork exercise in building up the Body. A medium-sized pumpkin was on a baking pan cut into random size pieces. The task: Everyone must work together to put the pumpkin back together, with toothpicks and a will.

At first, it looked extremely difficult. Not so much figuring out where the pieces go but locking it together and holding together what we had already put together. Some of our work wanted to come apart.

It took one or two people’s hands just to steady and hold the shakily joined parts together, so the rest of us could keep building on toward the goal.

Without all the hands (and wills) working together it was obvious we were not going to succeed to build up this pumpkin.

But there was a point at which we as a group started to click. Everyone was doing a meaningful job to put the pieces together. Even though at first some went looking for better things to help lock the pieces together (nails, horseshoe nails, duct tape, we discovered that the toothpicks worked best after all.


It was fun, a little challenging, we needed each other to complete the goal. And we felt like “we are the body.” Especially when we talked about how the pieces of being the Body are part trust, respect, sincere care and concern for one another. Those precious, seeming small gifts are God’s biggest gifts that hold us together to love and support one another. A true team in Christ!


We are the Body. Christ has made us the Body. Awesome work to do! Give thanks to the Lord. Happy Thanksgiving!

Pastor Gary and Pastor Ruth


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