Cambodia Mission Team

Cambodia Mission Team

RELAY For FREEDOM… 303 Laps just the start-up to mission

What are we going to Cambodia to do? Share the love of Jesus with all we encounter. Lighten the darkness by the light of God’s Word. Cheer up the downhearted with some volleyball, red light-green light games, soccer or singing. All in the name of the One who makes all things new, raises the dead, and gives hope to all who call upon him.

Thank you …

The team of 7, Daniel and Leslie Pershall, Ben Huff, Hannah Larson, Sam Niedner and Pastors Ruth and Gary continue to prepare for the upcoming Young Adult Mission trip to Cambodia on July 28th-August 9th. The Relay for Freedom, a 12-hour relay fundraiser to raise money for the group’s housing, transportation, meals and ministry materials (crafts for Kids’ Club every day, games, snacks purchased in Cambodia, uncooked rice to be given out to families at a Brick Factory) took place on Saturday, June 11th. The Foundation will give a matching gift. A big thank you to all who helped to support the fundraiser by your generous donation, by walking or running at the Relay for Freedom to give the team members a break throughout, and by prayer. We, with some important help from friends and church members, did 303 laps, 75.75 miles, non-stop action for the hope of serving the gospel in Cambodia.

Please pray …

We ask you to pray for our Young Adult ministry team as we prepare the Kids’ Club daily Bible studies and plan all the fun activities around it that proclaim Jesus’ love for all. Please pray for all the kids who will attend the Kids’ Club when the team from Trinity is there and for all the relationships that are developed with everyone we meet. Help us to be a light that points to the Light of the world. Please pray for the specific training we will share with AIM leaders to help develop the gifts of their staff at Agape International Mission for their ministry with combating sex trafficking. Some other things we will be doing there: Ben will be teaching beginning guitar, Daniel will be teaching singing, Sam will be teaching beginning piano and the rest will be helping with how to lead Bible Studies.

What we need most from you …

Pray for changed hearts and attitudes in our church community and wider community so that we can translate our Kingdom values into ways to actively combat the bondage of sex trafficking as a church that can lead to life and freedom locally and globally for those at risk.

Thanks for your support! We are so grateful to be sent by Trinity congregation. Thanks be to God!

Daniel, Leslie, Ben, Hannah, Sam, Ruth, and Gary


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