Church Picnic

Church Picnic

Mark your calendars…you don’t want to miss this!

Sunday, August 21 10:30 am

Joint worship with the WOKBC (Kochin Baptist Church) and potluck following, with games for all ages.
Every Sunday, we are like two congregations passing in the night. As our last stragglers leave following our worship, WOKBC’s first stragglers arrive to set up for their worship in Stolee Hall. But on Sunday, August 21 we get to worship together, sharing common faith and love for Jesus and his redeemed world. And there will be food too! 🙂

It is certainly a great opportunity to get to know our brothers and sisters—these beautiful people estranged from their homeland and boldly facing the challenges of this their new homeland. You may not realize it, but besides the generous use of our building, the greater blessing they seek is confirmation that they belong here and are highly valued. We say Yes! And Yes! And we show it by partnering more and more in the Gospel of Christ which is at the heart of our hearts—both for Trinity and for WOKBC.

If you would like to be part of the planning of the Joint Church picnic—the worship, the food, or the games, please talk to the Pastors or to anyone on the Global Mission Task Force.


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