Daring Faith Challenge

Daring Faith Challenge

As a congregation, we entered into a study produced by Rick Warren, in the final part of spring, for a six week period. Even our confirmation class took part in the study.

We heard example after example, especially from the Old Testament, of people of faith moving forward even when it didn’t seem like they should or could, or that they would succeed. Because these trusted the LORD, they were able to move forward anyway.

As people of faith in the 21st Century, we also have this gift of faith, where we can put our confidence in a God who sees us and calls us to do, sometimes, the craziest things. And this is the thrilling part of being a Christian. We can follow Christ into the unknown because we trust in Him.

This summer, I dare you to take a step forward where you know the LORD has been urging you. Saying “yes” to doing something way out of your comfort zone. Laying aside anxiety about something and choosing to lay it all in the hands of Christ. Facing your greatest current challenge with hope and confidence in your Lord Jesus. Daring to speak faith and hope into the lives of friends who have never wanted to hear it.

A Daring Faith Challenge poster will be displayed in the narthex through the summer for all of us to share where we have dared to trust Christ more and have stepped forward into the raging water. From small steps to giant leaps, all are for the building up of faith in our community. And Christ is certainly glorified in every act of faith.

Let’s do it! Pastor Ruth