Discipling the Nations

Discipling the Nations

As the Olympics go full force in Pyeongchang, we not only get to see athletes at their best, we get to see the diversity of God’s people from the ends of the earth. And we cheer not only for our own U.S. athletes, but for every one of them who gives everything they have to the sport.

Disciples of Jesus tend to be people who, like these worldwide athletes, give all they have to Jesus. Loyalty to Jesus and his teachings is a dominant characteristic of His followers. That is because when the Spirit convinces us of the truth about Jesus, there is no turning back. And we stake our lives on the person of Jesus. It is the nature of Christian disciples.

The Spirit blows wherever He chooses in regard to raising up disciples. And the Church is often surprised by God’s activity in the world. In the last 100 years, the Christian church dramatically shifted from its center in the West to the non-West. Whereas Christianity used to hold a privileged position in the West, it no longer has such a position. Also, in the last 100 years, Christians have suffered the greatest persecution and martyrdom than in any other century.

Ironically, (or perhaps we might more accurately say— providentially), this effort to systematically silence the Christian voice, God has used, to strongly promote the Gospel. For many reasons perhaps; but by the remarkable movement of people—forced or unforced migration—the Christian gospel has been able to penetrate all the ends of the earth.

Every disciple is a missionary then. As we live and move and give Jesus our all, the Spirit of God—as He wishes—raises up more disciples. It only takes rubbing shoulders with new people, and being true to who we are, within the context of where we live, to be faithful to Jesus.

And remember the truth, that our citizenship is with Christ. The boundaries of our mission field, God’s mission field, do not stop at the border. We are His witnesses— scattered in every corner of the earth FOR every corner of this earth.

Good thing God knows what He’s doing—moving people here and there and everywhere!

Jesus is our All in All. And we give Him all we have!

Pastor Ruth


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