Our church collects a wide variety of items to help the less fortunate with various needs. The things we collect are as follows, but it cannot be done without your donations:

Box Tops for Education– These come out on cereal boxes, but we have seen them on other grocery products as well. The ones we collect are given to Lincoln Elementary School, not far from our church. Did you know the school receives 10 cents for each coupon, to use for school needs?

Campbell’s Soup Labels– These are also given to Lincoln Elementary School, and they are able to redeem these for cash, too.

Used U.S. postage stamps (including bulk rate stamps; and foreign stamps)– These are sent to a hospital in Washington D.C. There, the deaf and mentally impaired folks process the stamps for selling to collectors all over the world. The money is used to help these folks, and others in need.

Used and/or new greeting cards– (By new, we find some people donate the new cards received in the mail from various charities.) These cards are processed and sent to Snow Cap Charities in Fairview, Oregon. Twice weekly, groups of people come in and make a variety of craft items for sale. The funds are used to help people in need.

Used eyeglasses– These are given to the Lions Club, which help less fortunate people that need glasses, in the United States as well as some other countries.

Food and Clothing– We also accept donations of food and clothing items to help people in our area.

Used Ink Cartridges– Donate your used ink to be recycled through eCycle. All proceeds go to the church’s operating fund which supports outreach and missions.

There are places for all of these donations located in the church hallway between the office and the Narthex. If you are unsure, ask someone at church or leave the items in the office.

We would like to point out one thing: all items except for food and clothes, are things that are usually just thrown into the trash, and benefits no one. By donating those items to the church the benefits could be felt around the world.

We thank you in advance, for your donations of any of the above items.