In Person Worship

In Person Worship

In person worship at 10 AM every Sunday!

Trinity Lutheran Church In Person Worship Safety Protocols 

1.       We will limit the length of service time to lessen everyone’s potential exposure to the virus.

2.       We will maintain cautious limits to our seating arrangements for the sake of everyone’s health.

3.       We encourage masks for anyone unvaccinated. The speaker and singers will be behind plexiglass.

4.       We will maintain our physical distance of 6 feet apart in our seating arrangements as well as while we enter and exit the building. 

5.       We will enter by West entrance double doors and meet monitors as we enter the building who will take our temperatures or sign us in.

6.       We may ask ushers to help us find our seat and we will be ushered out at the conclusion of service.

7.      We will observe a safe manner of taking communion together by picking up individual prepackaged communion elements as we enter and later dispose as we exit. 

8.       We will drop our offering, if we have one, in the basket, centrally located at the entrance.

9.   We will avoid hand shaking or hugging. But we will definitely greet one another with warm words of welcome.

10.   We will use only the restrooms at the North entrance and allow only one person at a time inside.

11.   We will not come to an – person worship if we have symptoms that may be related to Covid-19.

12.   All trafficked areas will receive a thorough cleaning.