Trip for Fun

Trip for Fun

We will go to the Columbia River Maritime Museum in Astoria, Oregon on Thursday July 19th. We will meet at church at 9:30 am. Please sign up in the Narthex.

Columbia River Maritime Museum

Exhibits explore the extreme forces at work along the Columbia River Bar. Learn about waves that can exceed 40 feet in height during the most severe winter storms. See exciting exhibits on the U.S. Coast Guard and the Columbia River Bar Pilots. Witness the legendary salmon fishing runs and take a tour of a floating lighthouse, the lightship Columbia.

Rolf Klep: Artist, Author, Museum Founder Marine Art Gallery

Before he poured his energy and passion into founding the Columbia River Maritime Museum, Rolf Klep enjoyed a highly successful career as a commercial artist and illustrator. Klep’s works featured prominently in many of the most popular magazines during his productive period of 1927-56. His works covered a wide range of subject material, particularly maritime, and in the 1950s, space travel and explo- ration. The Museum’s new exhibit will feature examples of these as well as his work an author and illus- trator of published books.

USS Shark Cannon

On Presidents’ Day weekend in 2008, Oregon teen Miranda Petrone and her father, Mike Petrone, were beachcombing on the beach near Arch Cape in Clatsop County when she noticed a misshapen lump of rock and remarked how much it looked like a cannon.

That one moment kicked off the discovery of two 19th century cannon. It resulted in six years of restora- tion work, leading up to the planned public unveiling of the never before displayed artifacts at the Columbia River Maritime Museum in Astoria.

The two cannon are a specific type called a carronade. They were part of the 1846 wreck of the USS Shark, a US Navy vessel that ran aground on the Columbia Bar as it attempted to leave the Northwest after touring the territory.


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