Holy Week

Holy Week

Come worship and celebrate the climax of God’s Story revealed in Jesus’ death and resurrection this holy week.

Come, hear God’s Word!

Palm Sunday, April 9

Worship at 10:30 am

Maundy Thursday, April 13

Worship with Holy Communion at 7:00 pm

Play “The Trials of Jess Goodnuff” – featuring Trinity members

Good Friday, April 14

Prayer Vigil Noon to 3:00 pm

Good Friday Worship Service at 3:00 pm

Easter Sunday, April 16 – The Day of our Lord’s Resurrection

Worship with Holy Communion at 8:30 am and 10:30 am

Easter Reception between services  9:30 am  to 10:30 am

Kids egg hunt and other Easter activities 9:30 am to 10: 30 am



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