Local Mission Task Force Report

Local Mission Task Force Report

The Local Mission Task Force has met and reviewed current projects and collaborated on ideas for new projects within the parameters of goals as set by the “big idea” campaign.

To date, we have worked on the Trinity Kid’s Club and Share Summer Feeding programs. Both are up and running, thanks to many volunteers. Our next focus will be on serving the homeless and working to keep affordable housing in Vancouver. Our group agreed that it would be best to work with other agencies already involved and more knowledgeable than us, rather than starting from scratch. We would like to encourage options that address various levels of the problem, from the chronic homeless up to people in transition and even people on the brink of losing their homes.

We have just received approval from Council to send $4,000 and help 3 families through the Housing Relief Fund run by the Council for the Homeless. We have requested matching funds from the Trinity Foundation and are waiting for their next meeting. We are also exploring through SHARE to provide the use of our showers, possibly adding a washer and dryer and a supply of clothing to people homeless or car camping.

If you would like to join the Local Mission Task Force, please contact Jacque Bauman or Peggy Lansverk.


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