Global Mission Task Force

Global Mission Task Force

The purpose of the Global Mission Task Force is to identify global missions that allow TLC members to develop relationships with individuals and groups we encounter. The Global Mission Task Force began with the fund of $100,000 that TLC members approved for global missions in the fall of 2014. They are working on plans to use the fund in a responsible, joyful manner to support God’s work.

The Global Mission Task force has identified four specific directions to pursue.  These projects all fall under the umbrella of participating in the mission to reach people within what is know as the 10/40 window – an area of the world running across the northern half of Africa, and much of Southeast Asia.  The peoples in this band are often Muslim; the least familiar with the Christian Gospel; and growing rapidly with a young population.

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In light of today’s vast number of refugees from political intolerance, violence and economic plight, as well as women’s vulnerability often found in these cultures, we trust the projects and programs we have identified are pertinent to today’s challenges.

KoChin from Myanmar

Closest to home, we have come to know some Christian people from Northern Myanmar who have suffered persecution for their faith, and who have found refuge right her in our city – the KoChin.  We want to adopt a refugee family as opportunity arises, and be ready to help with tutoring, mentoring, and language assistance.  So far, with the approval of the Council, we are pleased to provide these fellow believers with the use of TLC’s Stolee Hall for their worship service needs. We hope all sorts of opportunities arise to enrich both our congregations.

Cameroon, Africa

In Cameroon, Africa, we are following up Rod Ellertson and Donna Collet’s ministry there, by purchasing a new aluminum roof for an existing Lutheran church in the impoverished country. The Ngoura congregation used to thatch its church roof, but due to drought in the north, nomadic cattle-herders have moved their herds south resulting in a lack of grass for roofs.  Christian refugees from Central African Republic have also crossed into this area of Cameroon due to their civil war.  Thus the Ngoura congregation is wrestling with how to show hospitality to the displaced with very limited resources of their own. We hope our support will lead to more awareness and the opportunity to build relationships. The new roof at a cost of $10,000 was paid via established Lutheran mission channels.

Click HERE to see pictures of the new roof!


 Sex trafficking is a degrading, yet growing phenomenon around the world.  Several young adults in our congregation feel passionately that the church can and should involve itself in appropriate ways.  In Cambodia, we have identified a credible Christian agency, Agape International Mission (AIM) already engaged in rehabilitating young women rescued from the trade, as well as a second agency, Shared Hope International based here in Vancouver.  A team of five young adults from Trinity is journeying to Cambodia this summer to engage in skills training and rehabilitation efforts with these young women, as well as witness to the culture that tolerates this trade.  

Click HERE to follow them on their journey.


Building on relationships and familiarity with Bangladesh that our Pastors bring, we are funding a training program for a number of small Lutheran churches in that country, currently shepherded by Pastor Monotosh.  BCM is developing “Kingdom Values” coursework, and it’s staff of believers will work with lay leaders already ministering in the ten rural churches.  We are please that our financial support will simultaneously build skills and capacity of the Bangladesh staff, enhancing their own potential to serve their country’s fellow citizens.  To date, we have funded the production of a video already show to our TLC congregation, and the year-long training program is soon to get underway.  Cost – $14,000 for video and year-long program.

Please feel free to ask questions or learn more regarding these projects! Your Global Missions Task Force members are: Donna Collet, Rod Ellertson, Tim Gammell, Nancy Haas, Hannah Larson, Lars Olson and Leslie Pershall.