Out of Love for the Truth

Out of Love for the Truth

October 31, 1517

At the end of this month, the Church will be observing the 500th year anniversary of the Protestant Reformation that began in Germany by one monk with a hammer and a nail and a whole lot of nerve.

Martin Luther was the type of person that can’t sit still. And he lived in a moment of history that was ripe for change. The posting of his 95 Theses became that explosive catalyst for change. There’s nothing boring about the history around Martin Luther’s life and the explosion of the Reformation. Well, I don’t think so anyway!

Definitely! What I love most about Luther is the way he reads scripture and the way he invites us to understand the scriptures. Jesus is always present in every part of it, the Word is His cradle. And we only need to read so far to hear that God has come to us, that God’s judgment comes through both law AND gospel, and that Jesus gives us His own righteousness in that precious gospel.

It is always a good time to go back to a clear reading of God’s word. So the Church is always needing reform, and always needing reformers.

Trinity this month will celebrate Reformation Sunday on October 29th. The Sunday prior (October 22) the movie Luther will be playing in the sanctuary following worship. Pizza and popcorn will be provided, and with your help—a potluck of desserts! Pie anyone?!

Peace to you,
Pastor Ruth


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