Brian Brown

Brian Brown

Brian Brown

Brian Brown joined the Trinity family in the fall of 2012, along with his daughter Kaitlyn.

Education and Experience

Brian was previously the Youth Director at Milwaukie Lutheran Church for seven years, and served at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church for three years before that. He began his career in Youth Ministry in Aberdeen, Washington, so he has been on this side of the Columbia River before. He brings with him 12 years of experience in Youth Ministry and a passion for helping Youth develop their faith. Brian has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Oregon. Yes, Brian is a Duck! And, he comes from a long line of Ducks!

Youth Ministry

Brian’s favorite part of Youth Ministry is watching teens develop their faith. It’s a time when they are questioning just about everything, and he finds it very gratifying to be there to help guide them down their own path.

I love getting hard questions – those are the best kind. I like hearing every-one’s input on the tough questions, and I enjoy facilitating that discussion, giving them the tools to figure the answers out for themselves. And sometimes, the answer is “I don’t know.” That’s okay, too. There’s faith in everything. Even if you’re a scientist, there’s faith in science. But we’re also not meant to know everything. There are some things we won’t ever know. That’s when God says, “Have faith like a child.”

Some of Brian’s most memorable moments in his ministry have been the mission trips he’s led.

Mission trips have formed the person that I am. I’ve been on 16 different short-term mission trips, and each has been life-changing. Every one of the Youth I’ve taken on a mission trip has had an amazing experience, and a noticeable difference in how they view the world, after they went.

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