Stay Connected

Stay Connected

Are you interested in getting the Tidings mailed to you? Do you already receive the Tidings in the mail but would like that to stop? Interested in getting the Tidings emailed to you? Or would you like to just view the Tidings online? Please look at the information below on how to access the Tidings online. Please let the church office know if you no longer need a paper copy mailed to your address.
Thank you, Peggy Lansverk

Directions for finding the Tidings Newsletter on the computer for older people. The younger ones don’t need the help.

1. Type into your search bar.
2. Our website is a photo of the church on a blue screen. At the top right of the page under GET CONNECTED, scroll down and click on TLC NEWS.
3. On the next screen, titled TLC NEWS, look for “2016…Tidings” the most recent version will always be the first choice, click on VIEW POST. Click on the small image of the Tidings that appears to view the PDF version of the Tidings. You can read or print your Tidings.

OR to avoid all this, just sign up for an email alert.

Follow the first step, but under GET CONNECTED look for SIGN UP FOR EMAIL ALERTS. Fill out the form that comes up. Leave the Preferred Format HTML checked. You will receive an email asking you to confirm, please follow the instructions on that email. If you have any questions about this contact our Webmaster, Tammy Eshom at