Thanksgiving Baskets

Thanksgiving Baskets

Our mission of providing Thanksgiving food baskets to 50 needy families of students at Lincoln Elementary is quickly coming up. We thank those who so quickly signed up to bring a turkey. We have a goal of 75 turkeys, for Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you are able to donate one, please stop by the sign-up table on Sunday. We will also have a list of items that are needed to fill our Thanksgiving baskets. Please pick up a list if you wish to purchase any additional items for the baskets.

We will need volunteers to help pack the food baskets (boxes) on Monday, Nov. 21. If you are interested in helping with this, please contact Peggy Winston or Jacque Bauman. Baskets will be delivered on the evening of Tuesday, Nov. 22. Craig Huff is in charge of deliveries and will be needing volunteers. Watch your bulletin for further information.


  1. Angela

    I have never done this before but this year I’m stuck I don’t know what to do my head has been in a hole for a while now I have nothing for Thanksgiving for my family this year nor money for Christmas because bills take over my two year old daughter didn’t get much for her birthday because of money but this is my first Thanksgiving and Christmas on my own with my new family and we don’t have anything for Thanksgiving dinner and I was hoping if you can help. Me and my family .

    • TrinityVancouver (Author)

      Angela, I am sorry for the delay in my response. We work with the Lincoln school, they choose the families that receive Thanksgiving baskets. If your children attend Lincoln you can check with the Resource Coordinator there. At Christmastime we work with the Salvation Army to “adopt” families. We suggest that you contact the Salvation Army at 360-892-9050, they offer Thanksgiving and Christmas assistance.

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