Thanksgiving Baskets

Thanksgiving Baskets

Before we know it, the holiday season will be upon us. That means sharing our God-given re- sources with those who are in need. Plans are already starting for the Thanksgiving food baskets, which will go to 50 needy families of students at Lincoln Elementary School. The Thanksgiving baskets will only contain foods for their Thanksgiving meals. A list will come out later of what foods we hope you will donate. Any and all foods are accepted, as Trinity members will also be filling boxes for our Christmas giving. Any excess will go back to Lincoln School, where needy families will be invited in to come in one evening in December to choose food items they can use. Also accepted are paper products, soaps, cleansers, detergents, etc. So when you’re shopping, you might want to watch for those bargains and pick up items to donate. Tubs will be set up in the narthex in early October. Also in October, we will start our sign up for turkey donations, both for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Lincoln Elementary School Thanksgiving Food Drive kicks off with their annual Turkey Bowl on Nov. 4 and runs through Nov. 18. Trinity then picks up their food donations and assembles the baskets, adding turkeys and other food items that Trinity has donated. The baskets will be delivered by Trinity on the evening of Tuesday, Nov. 22 to 50 deserving Lincoln families chosen by the school administrators. In November we will be looking for volunteers to fill the baskets and others to assist in delivery to families. You may contact Peggy Winston regarding food donations and turkey sign-up. Craig Huff and Peggy will be looking for volunteers in November for assembling food baskets (boxes) and delivery. Watch for further details.


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