The Giving Tree Program

The Giving Tree Program

To my Trinity Lutheran Church family:

After 34 years (or more) I am giving notice that I am retiring from heading up the Trinity Giving Tree program. The past year, this has been on my mind. Actually saying goodbye to the Giving Tree program has been emotional for me. I am very proud of all the hard work that has been done by myself and the many volunteers (over the years) that have helped with the organization of the food boxes and gifts. I especially want to thank my family for their support and last minute help.

If you decide you want to continue the Giving Tree program and you have questions, you can call me.

God Bless all of you, Mary Ann Olson

Dear Mary Ann,

Thanks for your email to the church. And THANK YOU for over 34 years of heading up the Giving Tree. Of course, we never want you to retire, so this is sad to hear, and yet we also know it is a huge undertaking. We are certainly proud of your hard work and so many families have been blessed through this program.

Trinity holds this as an important ministry and will plan to continue with it. As soon as we find a willing person to head up the Giving Tree, wondering if you might still be interested in sharing your wisdom with him/her?

The Lord Jesus continue to bless you and gather you into his mission to love His people.

Jesus loves you and so do we! Your Trinity family

A team has been found to head up the Giving Tree! Thank you Dianne Baumgart-King, Sue Pechacek and Sharon Swanson for offering your leadership.


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