The Promise of New

The Promise of New

Early in this world we learn the importance and wonder of new.

Every experience of a new born is new, original. Parents live vicariously in the wonder of those new experiences of a first word, first poddy in the toilet, first walking steps, on up to first successful bike ride, first whistle, first basket made. You can expand the list, you probably already have done so.

What is it about the “firsts” that make life so exciting?

When Christ entered our world as a baby born of a human mother, God put God’s blessing on the wonder of creation and firsts. But when Christ was baptized on behalf of us sinners, God put God’s blessing on the wonder of being born anew every wondrous day in faith.

The exciting thing about firsts is the Newness of it. God spices up our ordinary lives with a daily wonder of New by baptismal promise. He came bringing the New Kingdom in his own person. He didn’t leave us in the old world to stay and eek out our living. He put on us his own Newness by the gift of faith. It is not an age thing in the flesh, but a Spirit thing embodied in us.

How do you experience the New of this year? Well, answer, “Daily, by the baptismal promise of New.”

Whatever else might come this year as a new experience or challenge, know you will be girded with the bonified gift of Newness by your Savior. The price tag of Christ’s New is entirely free.

It is pure fun to remember some of your dazzling “firsts”, either ones that you can actually remember yourself or have been told over and over again by your parents so many times that you literally swear you can remember it. But each day of 2017 you will be wearing your New Kingdom attire of the promise, New Every Morning by faith in Christ.

With this Promise of the New you shall have some wonder to look forward to. And there are still some “firsts” to do with Christ your Lord at the lead of his mission.

It is gonna be a good, promising year! How could it not be with the New abounding by the Spirit. Tidings of good cheer for the New Year in Christ!

Pastor Gary


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