Trinity’s Facilities Use

Trinity’s Facilities Use

We are so blessed here at Trinity to have a big beautiful building! We can be thankful for the dedication of many people that have planned, funded, built and maintained our church. A number of community groups meet at our church on a regular basis. It is a blessing to have a building that is useful, not only on Sundays.

Starting this fall we will open our doors to a home-school group called Classical Conversations of West Vancouver. There will be approximately 100 kids and 25 adults using just about every classroom all day on Tuesdays. We are excited to start this partnership and hope it will be a blessing to all involved.

The Facilities Use Team; Tammy Eshom, Bob Ellingwood, Kaye Nelson and Karla Ferderer, have written Policies and Procedures that we follow when deciding who will use our building.

Dominique, in the office, is the point person for any building use whether it is a community organization, a birthday party or a Bible study class. Please contact Dominique to let her know if you want to use any part of the building. She keeps a detailed record of who uses the facilities and she needs to know if a room will be available for use or cleaning.

Dominique consults the team to determine if a potential use fits with our mission and sometimes building use requests are forwarded on to the Council. The Facilities Use Team is currently updating our Policies and Procedures and would like to welcome another member or two to our team.

Please let Tammy Eshom know if you are interested in this important ministry. Thank you!


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