Why Ministry?

Why Ministry?

Reaching out in a Post-Christian Society

Two quotes reveal the unique opportunity of ministry today.

David Lose, using ideas from Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple:

“We need to learn how to fail. We have been trained how to plan and organize and to make all attempts to succeed. Steve Jobs has shown us that bold leaders know how to try things and fail. Knowing how to fail leads to innovative new ideas that work.”

Bottom line–we as a church can’t be afraid to fail and thus not try things. The ministry of Jesus stands for freedom and innovation, for the sake of making new relationships (and making relationships new) in Christ’s name.

Second quote: “Seminaries, like all professional schools, are houses of best practices. They pass on the best practices for ministry to the next generation of leaders. The problem is, we no longer know what the best practices are.”Dan Alexire, Exec Dir. Assoc. of Theological Schools

Jesus of Nazareth came on the scene of the first century pre-Christian Judea with one goal for mission. To get through to the hearts of people that they have an opportunity to receive some good news from beyond. There is a God of creation who loves you and who has sent God’s Son to earth to show us that compassion in real example and real words.
Same goal for us. It hasn’t changed. One could argue how much or how little the world has changed, for the good, for the bad, or not much at all, depending on what point one is trying to emphasize.

At Trinity, we as a congregation have been engaged in making a difference. We want to invite new people to an opportunity to receive what the God of creation wants everyone to know.

Why? It is Jesus’ goal and commission to us his church.

How? This is where the best practices are being written on the hearts of current day Christians doing minis- try. Faith, conversation, willingness to break free of control, excitement about new expressions and new ac- cess to discovering God’s mysteries, freedom to do praise and prayer and conversation and worship for the present day concerns and realities of living for and honoring the glory of this God living among us today.

We as a congregation with the council’s leadership want to begin a gathering praise and conversation experience for young people– maybe a Wednesday night. You may be hearing something about this at announcement time at worship, see it on the website, maybe in the conversation around the fellowship time. We as a congregation have always taken seriously and joyfully the task Christ has given us. This is a new time to say Yes to Christ’s call.

Our holy God is passionate about reaching all hearts. People who text know goat stands for “greatest of all time.” We want to be about goam = the greatest of all missions (goam has a few meanings). There is no other. As we gear up for a busy fall– let us be about what is greatest on our Lord’s heart.

Reaching hearts with examples and words, goam! Pr. Gary


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