Categories of gifts acceptable to Trinity Lutheran Church and its Foundation are cash, securities, real estate or personal property; and such gifts may be directed to “Memorial” or “Perpetual Funds.”

All cash gifts are received and deposited by the Church, and then transferred as appropriate to the Foundation.

Non-cash gifts are converted to cash by the Foundation and the proceeds are invested until needed.

Receipt of all gifts will be acknowledged by the Church to the donors or their estates.

Be advised that the Foundation has the “right of refusal” with regard to any gift. Furthermore, any gift – once accepted – becomes the property of the Foundation to be used solely at its discretion in conformance with its mission and approved guidelines.
The Foundation cannot act as a “pass-through agent” for purposes not in conformance with its articles of incorporation and bylaws, the document of understanding with its parent Trinity Lutheran Church and the approved guidelines for carrying out its responsibilities.