Mission Sowers

We sew, assemble and tie quilts each month.

Trinity’s Mission Sowers meet on the first Thursday of each month in Trinity Hall to make quilts, baby quilts, and lap robes. We sew, assemble and tie quilts each month. Take-home projects are pre-cut quilt blocks ready to sew into 60” x 80” quilt tops, which are then ready to assemble the next month. Sewers are always welcome.

With the congregation’s help, the Mission Sowers also put together school kits, health kits, and layettes. Each April and October, most of these items are taken to a Lutheran World Relief collection point in Portland, and ultimately distributed to needy people in the U.S. and worldwide. The quilts and robes not shipped are given to local shelters and agencies for distribution within our community.

The Mission Sowers barrel outside Trinity Hall is set to collect donations of fabrics and bedsheets, standard sizes or larger, preferably top sheets only.

We are also collecting the following items for distribution locally:

  • Underwear, panties, and socks for elementary school size kids – new, please.
  • Baby clothes and diapers (cloth only, not disposable). No frilly dresses or velvet suits, please.

Beginning in August, we ingather supplies for school kits. When the stores put school supplies on sale, is a good time to buy.

Students each need 4 notebooks to begin the school year, plus 5 ballpoint pens, 5 sharpened pencils, and 1 each 12-inch wood ruler, pink eraser, and blunt point scissors. A school bag is packed with these supplies. We make the bags using a pattern provided by LWR. A box will appear in the Narthex this summer for donations.

Thanks for all you do for us to keep the mission going. Local schools and homeless shelters benefit from Trinity-style generosity, too. Quilts and kits are distributed around town for Babies in Need, Open House Ministry, Share, Right to Life, and others. The needs are many and the Mission is us.

Following are the lists for supplies as requested by LWR:

Personal Care Kits: Lightweight, dark-colored bath-size towels (approx. 52” X 27”); bath-size soap (4 to 5 oz.), any brand in original wrapping; adult-size toothbrushes in original packaging; sturdy combs; metal nail clippers.

Baby Care Kits: Lightweight cotton t-shirts; long or short-sleeved gowns or sleepers, without feet; receiving blankets (medium weight cotton or flannel, or crocheted or knitted with lightweight yarn) up to 52”; hand towels (dark color recommended); sweaters or sweatshirts with hood; baby caps; socks.

School Kits: Boxes of 16 or 24 crayons; 70-sheet notebooks of wide or college ruled paper; blunt scissors; 30 cm. rulers, or rulers with cm. on one side and in. on the other; individual pencil sharpeners; unsharpened #2 pencils with erasers; erasers approx. 2.5 in. long.

We thank you for any help you might wish to give. The generosity of our Trinity family is always amazing.

Bless us each and all as we do God’s work in His world.