How do I request use of the funds?

Generally, requests for funds shall be submitted initially to Trinity’s Church Council for review and determination of conformance to Trinity’s mission and

How do I request use of the funds?2021-11-10T14:56:16-08:00

How do I/we give to the Foundation?

Categories of gifts acceptable to Trinity Lutheran Church and its Foundation are cash, securities, real estate or personal property; and such gifts

How do I/we give to the Foundation?2021-11-10T14:55:41-08:00

The Process to Allocate Available Funds

By May 31 of each year, the Foundation provides the Council a statement identifying assets anticipated to be available for use in

The Process to Allocate Available Funds2021-11-10T14:55:03-08:00

Categories of Funds Managed by the Foundation

Memorial Fund: Memorial gifts, including interest earned thereon, may be used for purposes requested by the Church Council and approved by the

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What about Communion?

All baptized Christians who profess faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and who believe that Jesus is truly present in

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Where do my children go?

Sunday School classes for children and youth are offered at 9:30 am. See the Discipleship page for more information. The Nursery is available for

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What should I wear?

Wear what makes you comfortable. Many of us dress up for church, but some wear jeans. We want you to feel at

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What is worship like?

The Traditional Service begins at 9:30 am with singing led by members of our choir accompanied by piano or organ. We sing a mixture of

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